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NSW regulator slugs uninsured businesses

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

The NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority has issued more than 50 fines to employers that don’t have the right workers’ compensation insurance.

More than $1 million in unpaid premiums has been recouped in recent months from employers that deliberately avoided paying their workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

“Employers that are not insured are liable for any medical and rehabilitation costs for injured employees,” Executive Director of Workers and Home Building Compensation Regulation Darren Parker said. “Company directors can be held personally liable for these costs.”

Fines could reach up to tens of thousands of dollars per employer depending on the type of injury.

Uninsured workers who are injured are supported through the NSW Government’s Uninsured Liability Indemnity Scheme, the costs of which are recovered from the employer or relevant directors.


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